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CMicrotek is advancing the state of the art in current measurement instruments with our µCurrent ProbeTM. As the number and variety of battery powered portable products have exploded over the past decade, an engineer’s ability to measure the power used by a device has not kept pace. The traditional approach of measuring current with an oscilloscope worked for many decades because the power consumption level of most circuits remained relatively steady regardless of the activity level of the product. Today’s battery powered products with wireless radios have current levels that can be 100,000 times higher when the radio is active compared to when the product is in sleep mode. The traditional approach has many issues with such wide ranging currents. The power management schemes used in today’s products also create complex current waveforms that make it nearly impossible to accurately estimate power consumption over time based on simple current measurements. A simple battery drain test can give you an idea of battery life but you have to be able to analyze the current waveforms in order to make improvements.

Inaccurate current measurements and power calculations are not just a problem for engineers, they can have significant business related consequences. Worst case they can cause a product to be a complete market failure, best case a company can waste weeks and thousands of dollars in engineering resources trying to fix a non-existent problem. Our specialized data acquisition products can help you avoid these situations by giving you much more accurate measurements in much less time than the outdated traditional methods.

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