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Not all low-current measurement situations are the same so we have two distinctly different products to offer, the µPower AnalyzerTMand µCurrent Probe TM. The µPower Analyzer is a USB based data acquisition tool specifically designed for low current measurements, very wide dynamic current ranges plus power consumption measurements. The µCurrent Probe is similar to traditional scope current probes but with much lower minimum current levels. The table below outlines the main differences between the µPower Analyzer and µCurrent Probe.

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How do the the µPower Analyzer and µCurrent Probe stack up against the various methods for taking current measurements? First, these other methods include:
  • Traditional method using a sense resistor and an oscilloscope to measure voltage drop.
  • Using a sense resistor and a multi-meter to measure voltage drop.
  • Using a sense resistor and a current probe (this assessment considers only the most recent current probes capable of measuring currents under 1mA).
  • Custom solutions that are essentially home-grown equivalents to the µPower Analyzer using off-the-shelf data acquisition hardware and custom software. The cost, quality and capabilities will vary drastically depending on the experience level of the developer and amount of time allocated for developing the solution.
  • Battery simulators for this purpose are essentially programmable power supplies with amp-meter capability.

The table below compares several important aspects of these methods and the µPower Analyzer and µCurrent Probe. For the ratings, 1 is very poor and 5 is very good. The graph at the bottom of the page presents the relative scores (circle size) along with price/performance information.

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